Thursday, November 17, 2011

Review: Holding the Dream by Nora Roberts

Holding the Dream By: Nora Roberts
(Jove (1997 368 pages)
Cost: Free Audio book, Library


Kate is a headstrong CPA who finds herself in a difficult situation when she is accused of embezzling clients funds at the firm she works at. Byron is a southern gentleman who finds himself drawn to Kate's vulnerability despite her not being his usual type.

A typical Nora Roberts cookie cutter book. The woman resists, the man pursues. They have their issues but figure it out by the end. A good read, as always, when it comes to a book by someone who has the whole romance novel business down to a science. What I like about these type of books is that you are rarely disappointed. With a Nora Roberts book you can usually count on a good story, a dog or two, some flowers thrown in somewhere, and a HEA that makes you glad you picked it up.

Sexual Content: m/f

At A Glance:
1= Could not finish the book
2= A struggle to read to the finish
3=Meh. Average with all the elements I like in a book but nothing notable
4= I ended it with a smile on my face
5=Excellent. I want to read everything this author has ever written and when I finish all the books on my wishlist I will reread it.

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