Monday, December 12, 2011

Review: No Holds Barred by Callie Croix

No Holds Barred by: Callie Croix
Cost: Galley from Carina Press
(Carina Press, 2011, 17,000 words)

During a playful talk about fantasies, Caitlin’s fiancĂ© offers to give her a threesome—with his best friend, Liam, who’s coming to spend the weekend. At first Cait is shocked that Nathan could entertain the thought of sharing her with another man, but once he’s planted the idea her imagination runs wild, leaving her deeply aroused—yet still unsure about what the implications could be for her and Nate’s relationship.
Nathan’s watched Cait struggle to hide her attraction to Liam for years. He knows she’s nervous, but he also knows that by making her most intimate fantasies come true he can bring her to heights of pleasure she’s only imagined, and strengthen their bond. There’s only one way to help her overcome her inhibitions—by planning a night of ecstasy she’ll never forget…

This short novella was a refreshingly honest and delightfully erotic story about Nathan and Callie's first time inviting another to join them in some bedroom play. Though they never technically made it to the bedroom. Cait is apprehensive when Nathan mentions inviting their mutual friend, Liam, to join them, but Nathan knows how much she would enjoy the experience and is able to ease her into the situation.
I like how the author wasn't afraid to show the reasons why Callie would feel apprehensive about this situation. A lot of times I feel like most authors gloss over the details (especially with short stories) that would have to be dealt with in real life. Callie Croix did a wonderful job of being realistic while still keeping it sexy. If you like dominant, alpha males with some menage mixed in then you'll enjoy this.

Sexual Content: m/f/m

At A Glance:
1= Could not finish the book
2= A struggle to read to the finish
3=Meh. Average with all the elements I like in a book but nothing notable
4= I ended it with a smile on my face
5=Excellent. I want to read everything this author has ever written and when I
finish all the books on my wishlist I will reread it.

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