Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Review: Dance to the Piper by Nora Roberts

Dance to the Piper by: Nora Roberts
Source: Library

Nora Roberts, “a consistently entertaining writer” (USA Today), delivers the story of Maddy O’Hurley—one of Broadway’s brightest stars—whose passion for dance and for life captures the attention of business mogul Reed Valentine.
Fans of Nora Roberts will be delighted with her latest tale of a woman who dared to dream and a man who had forgotten how. She moved in perfect harmony to the music that ruled her life both onstage and off. He dealt with ruthless expertise. Music was his business and he was all business--until she lit up the stage. . . .

Dance To the Piper, the second in The O'Hurley's trilogy, was a marked improvement over the first book. You can find my review for The Last Honest Woman here. While I was relieved that this was better than the first, it was by no means anything spectacular nor a favorite. The romance between the two characters is typical, as is the situation. Nora Roberts did again what she is best known for and delivered a cookie-cutter romance that passed the time as I listened to it as an audio book on my way to and from work. I probably wouldn't have had as much patience with finishing the book if I were to read a bound copy but I seem to be more forgiving with the audio versions. If you can't find this one at the library I wouldn't spend the money on a copy for yourself.

At A Glance:
1= Could not finish the book
2= A struggle to read to the finish
3=Meh. Average with all the elements I like in a book but nothing notable
4= I ended it with a smile on my face
5=Excellent. I want to read everything this author has ever written and when I
finish all the books on my wishlist I will reread it.


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